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Zac, sensing Bellasini’s despair, hovered close to her left ear, and whispered.


“Princess, didn’t the Wiz say that you had the power to grant the selfless wishes, of others? And didn’t David just wish, that he could have beaten your high score?”


Bellasini thought to herself for a second.


“You’re right Zac.”


“I told you, Book is not the only smart one of this group,” mumbled Zac.


Bellasini’s forearms crossed, allowing the backs of her hands and bracelets to touch.


With her outstretched arms and fingers, pointing up out through the screen towards David, she cried out. “By the power granted to me by all things magic, I command the rightful score to appear.”


The bracelets glowed red-hot, before emitting a blinding pulse of light from Bellasini’s fingertips, through the screen at David. Bells and sirens began to sound from every part of the machine, as if David had won a casino jackpot.


The machine had miraculously come to life, and was now impatiently beckoning him, to enter his name.


Everyone in the arcade gathered around him, shaking his hand, and slapping him on the back. He had beaten Bellasini’s long standing, high score. A dream come true. He was now, the champion.


Even though she was a world away, Bellasini could feel the joyful emotions, of David’s victory.


Screaming with delight, she rushed over and shook the Prince’s hand, before dancing a jig with Kuching and Zac.


Glitch, who had witnessed the whole course of events, just sat silently in disbelief.


“So the Princess has gained the power to grant wishes, by banging her two bangles together,” mumbled Glitch. “A genie in disguise. I wonder what else she can do?”


Pushing another button on his chair, the Dragon Prince set, along with the Prince, immediately shrank, and darted back out through the corridor, through which it had entered.


As it did, Glitch started to clap slowly. “Very good Princess, but now I think it is time we looked in on your Dad. Maybe you can use your magic, to help him.”


Glitch waved his hand over the keyboard, summoning in a new screen, into the control center. The screen of her father’s computer.

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