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Bellasini watched in disbelief, as the young boy’s face began to express the absolute horror, of his situation.


She could see him desperately tapping on keys of the computer, trying to resolve the problem. But it was to no avail.  His computer had frozen.


She felt ever so helpless, as the young boy broke down in tears, realizing, he had forgotten to save his work.


Glitch on the other hand, was finding the whole situation, very amusing.


“Glitch, how could you be so cruel?” cried out Bellasini. “Stop this now!”


He pushed another button on his chair, causing the screen, to go completely blank.


“Glitch, that was the most heartless, mean thing, I have ever seen in my whole life. How could you do that to someone?”


“Ah, ha Princess, that was nothing,” sniggered Glitch. “Let me show you something really good.”


Glitch grabbed a colorful glass keyboard, which was floating next to his chair, and began again to type vigorously.


Before too long, the screen of the young boy shrank back to its original size, removed itself from the glass dome, and darted back to its place within the corridor of screens, which led to the control center.


Within a second of the screen leaving, a new transparent screen came flying in from another corridor, to take up the same position, on the glass dome.


As the screen enlarged, Glitch asked smugly. “Recognize this boy Princess?"


Bellasini moved closer to the screen.


It was David, deeply engrossed in playing ‘Dragon Prince,’ at the local fun parlor.


“Watch this Princess!” shouted Glitch, pushing another button on his chair.


The transparent screen further expanded, until the game scene of Dragon Prince, had engulfed the entire dome, of the command center. Even the glass floor, on which they were standing, was transformed into that of a battlefield. The entire game, was materializing in 3D around them. It was fantastic.


They were all now, inside of the game.


Dragons began to rain in fire from every direction, prompting Bellasini to dive for cover behind Glitch’s chair, as the hero Prince of the game, ran past.


“Don’t worry Princess,” laughed Glitch, glancing down at Bellasini hiding behind his floating chair. “You are in the game, but you are not part of it. It is just virtual reality. You can’t be seen, or hurt, by the player.”


Bellasini tentatively moved out from behind the chair, to catch sight of the gallant young Prince, fighting the demons and dragons.


Skillfully dodging their incoming bursts of fire, he fought off waves of dragons. One by one, destroying his attackers, in his quest to save the Princess of the game.


For the next few minutes, controlled by David, the Prince ran through the various landscapes of the game, defeating numerous villains, along the way.


Bellasini’s cheers got louder, with each victory.


This surely had to be, one of the most exciting experiences, of her life so far.


Every so often, she would glance up out through the transparent dome, to observe the intense effort, David was putting into playing the game; ensuring the Prince, reached the castle.


He was finally going to do it. Just one hundred points more, and he is going to beat Bellasini’s all-time high score.


This was David’s dream, and Bellasini knew it.


Then all of a sudden, the controls of the game seemed to freeze. The Prince, with his sword above his head, stood motionless, as if his feet had suddenly been glued to the floor. He was now an easy, stationary target, for his attackers.


Bellasini’s heart stood still, as she glanced in the direction of Glitch, who sat smugly, pushing more buttons on the chair.


She quickly turned back to look up at David, who was desperately trying to get the controls to respond.


But it was too late.


There was a loud thump, as the Prince received several direct hits from his pursuers, blowing him clean across the floor.


As he lay motionless at Bellasini’s feet, the screen showed David’s game was over.


“Gallant Prince, are you ok?”


“I’m ok,” replied the Prince, looking up at Bellasini. “You’re not a friend of this villain, are you?”


Zac who had been hiding behind Glitch’s chair, interjected. “This is Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Bellasini of Virtasia, who is here to reclaim the throne.”


“Zac, we don’t know that for sure yet,” responded Bellasini, shyly.


“Princess of Virtasia you say,” slowly repeated the Prince. “Here to reclaim the throne. Hmm. I hope that’s true, for one day Glitch, one day, I hope you get exactly what you deserve.”


“Dragon Prince!” interrupted Bellasini. “I know this is probably not a good time to ask, but would it be possible for me to get your autograph? My best friend and I, are both big fans of yours, and it would mean so much to her.


"While the Prince scribbled out a message on a piece of paper, Bellasini once again looked out through the screen, at David.


He was slumped, mumbling in disbelief. “Why? Why does it always happen to me? I just wish that one time, I could be as good as Bellasini. Just one time!”


Bellasini was heartbroken. She realized, she was indirectly the cause, of his dream’s demise.


“Glitch, that was a despicable act,” bellowed Bellasini.


“David has been trying for such a long time, to beat my high score, and he had all but done it. How could you do that to someone?”


“Glitch by name, Glitch by nature,” he replied. Shrugging off the whole episode.

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