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As if travelling on a twisting turning waterslide, they slid down the long narrow tube, to a huge cylindrical glass subway, filled with tens of thousands, of red and yellow colored balls of light, travelling at break neck speeds, between the various high tech cities.


Bellasini soon noticed, that all the balls of yellow and red light, travelled together in strings of eight. Like small colorful high tech trains, speeding up and down the tunnels, in both directions. The large glass tube in which they were travelling, had hundreds of smaller glass tubes branching off of it, which the small red and yellow trains, continually darted in and out of. What was stranger still, was the fact that the glass walls of all the tubes, were completely covered with small screens, which appeared to be high tech billboards. However, after studying them a little harder, she realized they were not billboards at all. They were in fact, millions, upon millions, of see-through computer screens.


"This reminds me of an old movie I once watched, about a group of people who were reduced in size, so they could travel around the inner parts of a human body, in a small submarine," whispered Bellasini, to Zac. "Only this time, I think we are inside the internet" 


"What's the internet?" replied Zac, scratching his head.


"It’s the network in Reality, which joins all computers, and mobile phones together. We study it at school, and I think Glitch, has somehow learnt to tap into it," replied Bellasini. "I think all the red and yellow flashes of light we are seeing, are really ones and zeros, or bits, travelling together in groups of eight, called bytes, which is the code, computers in Reality, use to communicate with each other. We must be travelling in the main fiber optic backbone cable of the network," continued Bellasini. "And all these smaller tubes, are wires or branches off the main cable, going to hundreds of cities, and towns."


"Well I wish I could say. That all makes sense!" replied Zac, shaking his head. "But it doesn't!"


"What's Glitch up to?" pondered Bellasini, out loud.


After travelling behind Glitch for a short time longer, they darted up the gold tower, located at the center of all the high tech cities. Finally ending their journey within the huge glass dome atop the tower, where upon the bubbles burst, as if they had been pricked by a pin. Leaving Glitch, Bellasini, Zac, Kuching, and the guards, standing on the glass floor of the structure.


“Welcome to my high tech world, Princess!” bellowed Glitch, motioning her to view his fantastic empire, through the transparent glass windows of the sphere. "My Windows between Worlds.”


Bellasini stared out through the glass sphere, in every direction. From high up in the tower, she could see thousands, upon thousands, of glass tunnels and passageways, lined with millions of transparent screens, being monitored by hundreds of tall, white, slim, neon stick men. The thousands of colorful glass buildings, at the end of the tunnels, were also filled, with these strange colorful neon stick men, which seemed to be directing the small trains, of red and yellow light, to their final destinations. 


"It’s not your Windows between Worlds," quickly replied Bellasini. "It's our Internet. People in Reality built this. Not you!" snapped Bellasini.


"Very good Princess, you have worked out where we are," responded Glitch, slowly clapping, as he climbed into his high tech glass throne; floating in the center of the room. "However, every time a new computer, tablet, or smart phone, is connected to the internet in your world, another window opens for me, into Reality.”


“So why do you need so many windows into my world?” asked Bellasini.


“The more windows I have, the more your world falls under my control. Soon, I, Glitch, will be the ruler of both worlds.”


“How can you possibly rule Reality, when you are stuck here in Virtasia?” laughed Bellasini.


“Reality is becoming more, and more reliant, on computer technologies. People in your world, don’t realize that every time they turn on their computers, they are entering my world. A world where I have absolute power…”


In mid conversation, an alarm sounded.


“Perfect!” bellowed Glitch, pushing a button on his throne.


One of the thin transparent screens, flew in from one of the connecting tunnels, which entered the control room, and took up a position on the glass sphere, in front of them.


Glitch pushed a few more buttons on his chair, causing it to grow in size, until it resembled a large cinema screen.


Bellasini stood amazed, at what she was now viewing on the screen in front of her. It was as though she was inside a computer, looking out at its operator. In this particular case, it was one of the students from her Computer Science class, frantically typing on his keyboard, in an effort to finish his computer assignment; which needed to be handed in tomorrow, to Mr. McRam.


As he typed each letter, it would immediately appear on the transparent screen in front of them. Even when it was covered with words, Bellasini could see the boy’s face clearly. Although, he apparently could not see her.


“Princess, let me demonstrate how I can control your world. You see this young boy here. He has been working on this document for three hours. Tch, tch, I don’t believe he has saved, or backed up his work in this time... Watch this!” shouted Glitch, pushing more buttons on the other arm of his chair.


Immediately, all the words the young boy had typed, suddenly vanished, to be replaced by a single message.


‘A fatal glitch has occurred in your software program. You will need to restart your computer. Any work that has not been saved, will be lost. If the problem persists, please contact your vendor.’

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