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“Unless of course, you don’t think you are ready, for the terrible responsibilities of the throne. In which case, I would be happy, to continue looking after the kingdom.”


“Just like you did for the King?” snapped back Bellasini.


“So who have you become, Princess? You have, as the ‘Prophesy of Virtasia’ foretells, returned on your fifteenth birthday. However, the legend goes on to tell us, the Princess born of both worlds, will arrive in Virtasia, possessing the powers of the person, she always wished to be. So who is that person, Princess?" 


"Hmm….. Oh well," he continued. "It really doesn’t matter. Look around you, and you will see I have built an army, of every villain, that has ever been. I’m sure I’ve got you covered.”


On command, a new pool of villains, drawn from every computer game, and fairy tale, ever written, began entering the chamber.


“But how rude of me, you’re my guests. Let me show you around my palace,” continued Glitch, pointing to a pair of massive black doors, within the Palace. “Maybe when you see all the problems I face, every day, as the ruler of this kingdom, you may change your mind.”


All was momentarily forgotten, as the huge doors swung open, to reveal a balcony, overlooking a vast high tech empire. A truly unimaginable world, within the world of Virtasia.


Not waiting to be asked, Bellasini dashed passed Glitch, onto the balcony, to gain a better view, of this exciting new land.


Standing on the edge of the balcony, she felt like an explorer, atop a mountain, looking down upon a new world, for the first time.


She could see what appeared to be, numerous high tech cities, joined by hundreds of colorful glass tunnels and tubes, which were filled with streams of red and yellow colored lights, travelling in every direction, at breakneck speeds, between the various cities. At the very center of all the cities, mounted on top of an enormous gold tower, was a huge glass dome, which shone like a sun; powering all the cities.


"Welcome to Techtasia! Princess. The high tech heart, of both Virtasia, and Reality. The place where your world, and mine, meet," announced Glitch, spreading out his arms. 


Six small glass vehicles, which looked a lot like plastic bubbles, floated out from a glass tunnel, which stretched all the way up to the balcony, on which they were standing.


Without waiting for any doors to open, Glitch and two of his guards, stepped through the transparent walls, of the first three bubbles. Once comfortably inside, Glitch beckoned the trio, to climb aboard the remaining bubbles.


The thought of stepping into a fragile bubble, floating above the floor, was a little eerie. However, Bellasini knew she could not show any fear in front of Glitch, so she closed her eyes, and jumped into one of the remaining bubbles.


Zac however, was not so brave. Instead of stepping into one of the last two bubbles, he quickly flew in behind Bellasini.


Once Kuching, had lumbered into one of the last remaining bubbles, all five bubbles, led by Glitch, darted back down the tunnel.

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