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Windows Between Worlds

 “Wow! Isn’t magic wonderful!” shrieked Bellasini, admiring the regal furnishings she now found herself surrounded by.


The trio had been transported directly to the lavish throne room, of the Palace of Virtasia.


A magnificent stately room, filled to overflowing, with elaborate gold ornaments, statues, and paintings.


“I have been expecting you, Princess,” bellowed a sinister voice from behind. “My spies told me you were in Virtasia.


”Bellasini spun around, to find a short, sinister looking man, protected by a troop of guards, and the two black panthers that had earlier cornered Zac in the forest, standing behind her.


Kuching instantaneously leapt to the front and roared, sending the panthers scouring for cover.


“Guards!” summoned the man.


“You must be Glitch?” shouted Bellasini, maneuvering Zac to safety behind Kuching and herself, as more guards streamed in.


“Good for you Princess,” responded Glitch. “You must have received my birthday greetings then? So how is your Gran? Still angry at me?”


“The Queen is just fine,” replied Bellasini angrily. “And when the King returns with his men, you will pay for what you have done to her.”


“The King and his men,” laughed Glitch, rubbing his long pointy chin. “That’s odd, because the King hasn’t got any men. He left me in charge of his kingdom, and men, a long time ago.”


“Err… Princess, maybe we should come back later when Glitch is in a better mood,” whispered Zac.


“I am not leaving until the Glitch promises to stop his mischief making, in my world,” replied Bellasini loudly, for all to hear.


“Oh that’s right, your dad is having some problems with the Bank’s computer system,” responded Glitch. “Tch, tch, tch, a virus or something I believe?”


“You know exactly what’s happening,” snapped Bellasini.


“Oh Princess! You surely don’t think I have anything to do with it. Do you?”


“I know you are behind it Glitch. Gran, Book, and the Grand Wizard, have told me the whole story. You are trying to force me to give up my right, to the throne of Virtasia.”


“Princess, you are my guest,” replied Glitch innocently. “I would never force you to do anything.”


Glitch turned, and took a step away, before abruptly swinging back to look Bellasini directly in the eyes.

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