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So Wiz, how do we find the Glitch, and his band of villains?”
“The same way you found my house, Princess,” replied the Wizard. “You will always be, wherever you wish you and your friends to be, as you clash the two bracelets together. That is part of your magic.”
“So I can choose the exact place, I wish to go to, in both Virtasia, and Reality, as I clash the two bracelets together.”
“That’s right Princess,” replied the Wizard.
“Wow! That will make things a lot easier,” sighed Bellasini.
With that Bellasini placed the Wizard’s hands inside her own, and asked, “so what do you wish for, Grand Wizard of Virtasia?”
The Wizard looked down at his old wrinkled hands, clasped inside the tender, young hands of Bellasini.
“I wish that good, continues to triumph over evil, as does charity, over greed. And I hope the magic contained within these few words, is all the magic you ever need, to overcome any villain, Princess.”
“I promise that I will not give up, until I have fixed the Glitch, and restored the true King and Queen of Virtasia, back on the throne,” replied Bellasini, looking back into the Wizard’s eyes.
As Bellasini touched the bracelets together, a stream of golden light emerged, and encircled their interlocked hands, before shooting up into the nothingness, where it exploded like a fire cracker. Raining snowflakes of gold, down upon them all.
Still glowing from the golden flakes, and with her friends by her side, she once again clashed the bracelets together and shouted. “To the Palace, to fix the Glitch.”

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