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“So, do I have any other magical powers here in Virtasia, that may help me fix the Glitch?”


“You can grant the selfless wishes, of all those who are pure of heart,” answered the Wizard, “as many, and as often, as you like.”


“Like a genie in disguise,” laughed Bellasini, glancing down at the way she was dressed.


“Well in that case,” interrupted Zac, “it will be easy. I will just wish that Glitch disappears forever, and takes all his friends with him.”


The Wizard just laughed, as he explained, a wish must always be pure of heart, and hence could never be made to harm someone. Even if that person is evil. He also told her, wishes could not be solicited, nor could they be made for personal gain.


“Ah! So there goes my pot of gold," sighed Zac, shaking his head.


“So, I have no other powers.”


“In Virtasia, you become the person you always dreamed of being,” replied the Wizard. “You Princess, have the greatest power possible. The power to realize, the dreams and wishes, of your fellow creatures.”


“Yeah, well that’s going to be a big help against Glitch’s army,” responded Zac, looking towards Bellasini. “Why couldn’t you have always wanted to be, Superwoman?”


“I think Zac’s right,” responded Bellasini. “Maybe I should just relinquish the throne to Glitch, and try to negotiate a peace for my town.”


“The decision is yours Princess,” replied the Wizard. However, if you should decide to take this path, you will need to go back, and tell your grandmother. I on the other hand, will take it upon myself, to locate the King’s Lifelog, and inform him his quest is futile.”


“No! No! Don’t do that,” responded Bellasini. “I guess I must at least try. I promised Gran."


Bellasini looked at the Wizard, and gestured in the direction of Kuching,


“Kuching was just a toy at home, before I brought him to Virtasia through the vortex, or portal, which the bracelets create. Now, he has become a real tiger. How does that work?”


The Wizard explained, that all toys in Reality, are just inanimate, or frozen Virtasians, trapped in the passing time of Reality. When a toy, or frozen Virtasian, is returned to Virtasia, where time does not exist, it will immediately regain its life, and movement.


“So can I bring Gran, or Gemma, back to Virtasia to help me?”


The Wizard thought about his answer for quite a while, before answering, only inanimate objects, or Virtasians, could ever be brought back through the vortex, that her bracelets created.


“So I guess it’s up to me,” concluded Bellasini, raising herself from the chair.


“However, when I first met you in the forest, you had me believe, you could see into the future. If that is the case. You must already know how this story ends.”


“You are the Princess of Princesses,” replied the Wizard. “There will never be an end to your story. Just many exciting chapters, filled with the magical adventures, and romance of a beautiful young Princess, trying to restore the hopes, dreams and wishes, of both worlds. Reality and Virtasia.

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