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“But we have the best minds in Reality, working on trying to put an end to computer viruses and glitches,” responded Bellasini. “Besides, he cannot pass through these windows… can he?”


“No, only you can do that. But he has enlisted some nasty villains, called Melissa and Worm. These two characters, have made sure, that every computer in Reality will eventually experience the power, of Glitch.”


“So what you are saying, is Glitch is purposely attacking the computers at my dad’s bank, and wiping out all my friends’ school assignments.”


“I think he is trying to demonstrate his power to you,” replied the Wizard. “He is hoping you will relinquish your right to the throne, in return for his promise to stop hacking the computers, in your world.”


“You mean, in my town?”


“No, Princess, he would never promise that,” answered the Wizard, shaking his head. “I am afraid Glitch wants to eventually, rule both worlds.”


“So how can I fix the Glitch?” sighed Bellasini. “He is the powerful ruler, of an entire kingdom, which probably has great armies. All I have is Kuching, and Zac.”


“Princess,” replied the Wizard. “You are the Princess of all things magic, in all worlds. You do not need armies, to defeat Glitch.”


The Wizard paused, glancing toward the teardrop crystal resting on Bellasini’s forehead.


“The crystal you wear on your head, is the very heart of magic. It will guide you, and give you strength. Your destiny, is to restore the magic of Virtasia. Glitch, is just a very small hurdle, along the path you need to take, to achieve this goal.”


“So it is just me, and this crystal! We are the only magic left in the world!” squealed Bellasini in despair.


“For now, yes,” quietly replied the Wizard. “However, each step you take on your quest in Virtasia, and Reality, brings you one step closer, to discovering your legions of magical followers, who are destined, to help you restore the magic of all things.”


“And don’t forget, you can always summon Book, and myself to help,” added the Wizard.


”On your side, you have access to the knowledge, and wisdom, of the greatest men and women, that have ever lived. Besides, you understand the technology he is using against your world, better than he does. That will be your strength.”

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