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The Wizard gently stroked Book’s bobble, before continuing. “Every word that has ever been written, in any book, in any world, finds its way into Book. He has been a friend to all the great men and women, of your world. His pages have been written upon by such greats as, Galileo, Socrates, Marie Curie, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Einstein."


"He represents the collective knowledge, of hundreds of millions of books. Even the text books that you wrote in at school Princess, are now contained within his pages,” continued the Wizard, turning Book’s pages to reveal some text, Bellasini had written at school, some years earlier.


“Did Book keep any of mine?” interjected Zac, peering over Bellasini’s shoulder. Book shook from side to side in disgust, before flicking through his pages, to reveal the messiest work any of them had ever seen in their lives.


There was a big ink splotch in the center of one page, surrounded by incorrectly spelt words. On the other page, there were a few stick drawings, and a few simple arithmetic problems, with the wrong answers.


Zac’s teacher, had obviously marked the work, because there at the bottom of the page, was Zac’s score. Zero out of ten.


“Errr! So maybe I wasn’t the best student at school,” gulped Zac, ducking behind Bellasini, who was doubled up with laughter.


When they had all finally stopped laughing, and poking fun at Zac, the Wizard turned to Bellasini,


“Princess, I am only a thought away, when you seek wisdom and advice, and Book can be summoned anytime you require knowledge. These two things, are all anyone should ever require, to fulfill their destiny.”


“What destiny? My only claim to fame so far, is having the highest score on ‘The Dragon Prince,’ at our local fun parlor.”


Turning the pages of Book, to his very first page, the Wizard asked. “Princess, could you please read the first entry of Book, out loud?”


“On the day of her 15th birthday, a Princess born of both worlds, will be revealed. Her heartfelt compassion, for all creatures great and small, will only be surpassed, by her magical ability, to grant the dreams and wishes, of all those, pure of heart. Possessing the ability to pass through both worlds, she will pave a trail, for all to follow, as she restores the magic of Virtasia, and Reality.”


“Wow! That definitely sounds like you Princess,” proudly proclaimed Zac.


Bellasini’s fell back into the nearest chair.


“But I have not come to change the world! I have come to try and convince Glitch, to stop the computer virus, he has started at the bank, and school… So my dad can come home for my birthday party tonight. You are the great Wizard, not me! Why don’t you use your magic, to fix things?”


“There is no magic in wisdom,” laughed the Wizard.


“The words you just read aloud from Book, are known as the ‘Prophecy of Virtasia’.


"Everyone in Virtasia, including Glitch, knows of this prophecy. There can be no doubt, he guessed on the day you were born, you were the Princess, born of both worlds."


"Therefore, he knew, on your 15th birthday, you would return to Virtasia, to reclaim the throne."


"Before Reality invented computers, Glitch was powerless. However these new technologies, have created millions of windows, between Reality, and Virtasia. Glitch has quickly learned, how to access, and control them."


"As computers became more powerful, so did he. Glitch already has total control over Virtasia, and now he wants to control your world to. If he is not stopped now, I am afraid he never will be, Princess,” concluded the Wizard, shaking his head.

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