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“Now I know who you are Wiz. You’re the little voice I hear inside my head from time to time, when I need advice. You spoke to me this morning, during class, and advised me not to put up my hand, when all my friends had lost their assignments… That’s why your voice is so familiar. You’re my conscience.”


“Yeah, I recognize your voice too,” interjected Zac. “I hear you in my head all the time, giving me advice.”


“Well that’s good to hear Zac,” laughed the Wizard. “Because I thought you must have been a little deaf, as you very rarely take heed of any of my advice, and so always end up in trouble.”


“Wiz, tell me,” continued Bellasini, resuming her walk in the nothingness, between the endless isles, that separated the millions of shelves of Lifelogs.


“If you’re the little voice we all here in our heads from time to time, trying to guide us with your words of wisdom, how is possible for you to get around to the millions of Lifelogs that I can see protruding out from their spots on the shelves. All of which are awaiting, your words of wisdom?


The Wizard chuckled, as he explained. “Princess, time does not exist here in Virtasia. So, in less than a second of your time in Reality, I can open and give advice to millions upon millions of troubled Lifelogs, here in the Library of Life.”


“Oh! I see,” replied Bellasini, deep in thought.


“Now that you know who I am, let me tell you who you are,” continued the Wizard, moving back onto his floor, towards his little potbelly stove, to put on the kettle.


“Your full title is, Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess of Princesses, Bellasini. You are also the Grand Princess, of all things magical. The giver of dreams, and wishes,” continued the Wizard pouring the tea.


“I think you must have the wrong girl,” interjected Bellasini, timidly. “Today was the worst day of my life. I am not in control. I am just Sini, not a princess, movie star or model. I am just an ordinary girl, who collects books, stuffed toys, and plays computer games. I can’t change the world.”


Bellasini hesitated for a moment, before continuing, “I know what all this is. I am dreaming. This is just a nightmare, and I will wake up soon.”


“Princess, you are not dreaming,” responded the Wizard.


Just as the Wizard finished speaking, Zac who had been hovering around the small cluster of furniture, checking things out, suddenly squawked, “Princess! Look who I found”.


“Book!” cried out Bellasini. “What are you doing here?”


Book immediately flew open, with his bobble standing straight up, looking toward the Wizard for assistance.


“As I told you Princess, I am the Wizard of Wisdom. The protector, guide, and giver of wisdom, to all who seek to find it,” spoke the Wizard. “Book, on the other hand, is the guardian of the written words of knowledge. You cannot have wisdom without knowledge, and knowledge should always reside with the wise. Hence, Book and I have always lived here together.”

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