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“Careful Wiz!” called out Bellasini. “You will fall off your small floor, if you take another step into the nothingness.”


“Don’t worry Princess,” chuckled the Wizard, “there is no gravity here. You can move, or walk, in any direction, and you won’t fall.”


Bellasini watched in disbelief, with her hands partially blocking her eyes, as the Wizard stepped off the floor, into the nothingness. To remove the glowing Lifelog, from its place on the shelf.


“The color and tone of this Lifelog, tells me it belongs to a young girl, that is troubled by a decision, her best friend has asked her to make.”


Bellasini hesitantly moved forward to the edge of the small floor, and placed one foot into the nothingness.


It just stayed wherever she put it. Not falling, or floating. It simply stayed exactly where she put it. So she moved her other leg off. Sure enough, she was standing on nothing, in the nothingness.


“Wow! This is really a freaky feeling Wiz. But I like it,” shrieked Bellasini, as she moved to join the Wizard, at the Lifelog.


As the Wizard gently opened the Lifelog, a small hologram, or 3D image of a young girl, sitting on the end of her bed, appeared on top of the glass pages.


As Bellasini moved closer, to view the miraculous little apparition within the hologram, she realized it was her best friend Gemma, deep in thought, on the edge of her bed.


“Is this Gemma’s Lifelog?” asked Bellasini.


Before the Wizard had time to answer, the nothingness filled, with the sounds of Gemma’s thoughts.


“What should I do,” echoed throughout the expanses of the nothingness. “Sini has asked me to ring her mother, and tell her that she is over here with me. What if she is in trouble? And who was that strange little bird, looking over her shoulder? I don’t know? What should I do?"


"Gosh! I asked Gemma to ring my mum ages ago. I didn’t realize it was going to cause her so much heartache,” said Bellasini, staring in awe at the small image of Gemma. “So what are you going to advise her to do, Wiz?” continued Bellasini.


“You’re the friend that has put her in this difficult situation. So you tell me, what do you want me to advise her to do?” responded the Wizard.


“I didn’t think about the consequences, when I asked Gemma to ring my mother. I guess I should think about things a little more, before I put my friends into bad situations,” continued Bellasini, looking toward the Wizard.


“I don’t know what to say to her.” 


The Wizard turned, and softly spoke in the direction of the hologram.


“You know Bellasini would not ask you unless it was important. She’s your best friend. She just didn’t think of the situation she was putting you in, before asking… It will be ok… Ring her mum.”


Bellasini watched, as Gemma immediately responded to the Wizard’s advice, by picking up her mobile phone, and calling her mother. When she had finished the call, her Lifelog instantly changed color, from a hot pink, to a warm peaceful green. As it did, the Wizard gently closed it, and returned it to its place on the shelf.

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