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Bellasini raised the bracelets above her head, calling out as they touched. “To the Wiz’s!”


As the dazzling light of bracelets faded, the intrepid little group found themselves standing inside the Wizard’s strange residence, where as predicted, he and Bellasini were now, exactly the same height.


“Woo Wiz! Now that’s spooky,” shouted Bellasini. “How did you do that… and where? Oh my gosh! Where are we? This place is unbelievable. Not even Gran’s stories, included places like this.”


“I didn’t,” replied the Wizard. “You did… And to answer your second question, we are inside my humble home.”


This was no ordinary home. The Wizard’s house, looked more like a fantastic high tech 3D library, from some futuristic time, than it did a place where anyone lived.


The Wizard’s furniture and bed, which looked as if it was purchased at the same shop as Gran’s, in about the same year, looked out of place upon the small cylindrical wooden floor, which was floating unaided in the center of rows upon rows, of clear glass shelves, stretching for as far as the eye could see, in every direction. Up, down, and outward, until they disappeared into what Bellasini could only describe as, ‘the nothingness’.


There was no roof, floor or walls, yet Bellasini couldn't see any sky above, or ground below. It was like standing in the very middle of the universe, and seeing forever in every direction.


A beautiful warm light, filled the entire space, even though, there were no electric lights to be seen.


It was the millions, upon millions, of unusual looking glass books, flashing every color of the rainbow, on every shelf, in every direction, for as far as the eye could see, which filled the nothingness with light.


The cover and pages of each of these remarkable books, appeared to be made of fine glass or crystal, which possessed the power to emit various colored light, from time to time. 


There must have been millions, if not billions, of these peculiar looking books, resting upon the untold number, of never-ending shelves, which now surrounded Bellasini.


“You live in a glass library?” piped up Zac.


“This is not just any old library,” responded the Wizard. “It is home to the inner-spirits of all who have ever existed, and are going to exist, in every world. This is the Library of Life.”


“Say what? Can I have that in English?” requested Bellasini, shaking her head.


The Wizard explained, each glass book was actually the inner spirit, of a living person.


The books, which the Wizard called Lifelogs, apparently contained the entire life history, of the person they defined. Not only their past and present, but also their future.


The Wizard went on to explain, the books changed color to reflect the mood, of their owner. For example, if a person was asleep, their Lifelog would glow a warm blue, unless of course they were having a nightmare. If they were happy, its color would be green. Thinking hard at work or school, would see their Lifelog almost certainly turn a bright yellow. However, arguing would cause it to flash a crimson red. There was a color and tone, for every mood, and situation.


“Why are some Lifelogs sticking out from their spots on the shelves? asked Bellasini.


“They are the Lifelogs of people who are searching their minds for the right answer to a problem, which they are experiencing,” responded the Wizard, moving toward one such glowing pink Lifelog, sticking out from its place on the shelf.

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