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“How do you know my name?” asked Bellasini.


“The same way I knew you would come tumbling down this gully,” replied the little old man. “You surely don’t think I would sit here surrounded by this most unpleasant smell, and view, if I did not know you would be here tonight?” continued the little man, pointing toward the foul smelling swamp, with his long wooden staff. “It is the way it was always going to be. The day you were born, you were destined to fall down this gully, at this exact instance.” 


“How could you possibly know things before they have happened?” again asked Bellasini. “Unless of course.. You dug the hole in the path, to catch out innocent skaters.”


“Hmm!” Thought the little old man out loud, slowly sliding off the rock.


“Your name is Bellasini. You are the granddaughter of the King and Queen of Virtasia. It’s your 15th birthday today in Reality, where your best friend’s name is Gemma. And in a short while a mechanical cat called Kuching, and a mischievous little bird named Zac, are going to come scurrying down this hill, looking for you.”

“Ok! Ok!” interrupted Bellasini. “But who are you?”


“I am the Wizard of Wisdom,” replied the little old man, bowing in Bellasini's direction.


“The Wiz,” chuckled Bellasini. “Gemma is never going to believe this one.”


A few seconds later, as predicted, Kuching and Zac came scurrying down the side of the gully.


“Are you ok Princess?” shrieked Zac.


"Yes! Yes! Don’t fuss Zac,” replied Bellasini. “I’m fine. I really am…"


"Zac, Kuching!” she continued pointing to the Wizard. “I would like you to meet the Wizard of Wisdom, who seems to know everything, before it actually happens.”


“Well if he is such a wise old Wizard, who knows everything before it happens, why didn’t he know to fix up the hole in the path?” responded Zac.


“I cannot change what was always going to be,” responded the Wizard. "But I can invite you all back to my house for a cup of tea, where you can clean yourselves up,” he continued, gesturing with his cane toward a small path, which disappeared into the distance.


“I am afraid Wiz, we don’t have time for such things,” replied Bellasini. “We’re on our way to the Palace, to fix the Glitch.”


“Fix the Glitch you say!” responded the Wizard, scratching his head. “And how pray tell were you intending to do that?”


“Well, I am hoping he will see reason,” replied Bellasini. “I believe he thinks he is just playing a game. He doesn’t realize, all the problems his viruses are causing for the people back home in Reality. Once I explain things to him, I am sure he will stop.”


“And if he doesn’t?” asked the Wizard.


“Hey Wiz!” interjected Zac, hovering between the two of them. “You may not realize this, but Princess Bellasini,” pointing with one wing in Bellasini’s direction, while using the other to whisper into the Wizard’s ear, “has the power to change Virtasians into toys.”


“Crown Princess Bellasini, possesses the power to do a lot more than change rude little birds like you, into toys,” responded the Wizard.


“I do… Like what?”


“When we get to my house, I will explain everything,” replied the Wizard, turning to lead the group along the small path, to his cottage.


“Oh! And by the way, don’t worry about the time, it doesn’t exist here in Virtasia.”


“Wiz! I don’t mean to point out the obvious, but look at the size of you, and then look at me. How am I ever going to fit into your little house?” asked Bellasini, scratching her head.


“I will simply wish, you and your friends are able to fit into my house,” replied the Wizard. “So now that I have wished it Princess, if you touch your two bracelets together, it will be so.”


“How is that possible?” replied Bellasini, glancing down at the bracelets on her wrists. “I thought I could only use the bracelets to transport myself between Virtasia, and Reality.”


“There is a lot you still do not know about yourself, and your new powers,” answered the Wizard, tapping impatiently, as he waited for Bellasini to touch the bracelets together. “I will explain everything, over a cup of tea.”

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