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The Wizard

"Now fellas! I think you got the wrong guy. I'm scrawny, you wouldn't even get one mouthful out of me," pleaded Zac, gulping between words.


While Bellasini was in Reality, two black panthers had cornered Zac against a tree, and were now slowly closing in on him.


Suddenly, Zac's posture changed.


An air of confidence returned to his voice, as he took up a boxing stance, with his two small wings.


“You’re just a couple of scrawny little pussycats,” teased Zac, swinging both his wings as if to box the cats. "If you want to see what a real big scary cat looks like, take a look behind you.”


The two panthers slowly turned around, to find crouching behind them, a giant transforming tiger.


"Is there a problem here?" shouted Bellasini, riding high atop the tiger’s back.


Their chins dropped, staring in horror at the huge tiger which now appeared to be hunting them. They immediately smiled in the direction of both the tiger and Bellasini, shook their heads, and dived for cover in the dark forest.


"Wow! That was close," sighed Bellasini. "I don't know what would have happened to you, if we hadn't come back when we did Zac?”


No sooner had Bellasini finished speaking, when Book re-appeared, wearing a tiny chef’s hat, atop his bobble.


Book’s pages displayed different recipes, for cooking small birds.


He was obviously enjoying pointing out each and every recipe, while Zac nervously gulped, at the sight of the well roasted birds.


"Book!" scolded Bellasini. "Stop that at once. Can't you see Zac is upset enough after his close encounter, without you adding to the situation? He doesn't mean it Zac. He has just had a nasty experience, with a bird back in Reality. He was in the wrong place, as it flew out the window.”


"Well at least that explains why those recipes didn’t smell so good," chuckled Zac, who began putting a little distance between himself and Book.


Book's bobble stared in disbelief at Zac, as it slowly bent over to smell the pages.


The bobble suddenly froze for a second after catching a glimpse of one small spot on his page, Bellasini missed. As quickly as he had appeared, Book vanished without warning, in a huge puff of smoke.


"So now the smelly Book has gone, who's our new friend Princess?" inquired Zac, hovering curiously around the big cat, which had just saved him from being someone’s dinner.


“Kuching!” replied Bellasini, sitting down to put on her roller-blades.


“Well let’s hope he likes birds,” squawked Zac cautiously. “Although, I haven’t met a cat yet that hasn’t liked me for all the wrong reasons.”


“He’s sort of a robotic cat,” smiled Bellasini. “He looks mean, but I’m sure he doesn’t eat anything except batteries.”


“What are those things you are putting on your feet?” Zac responded.


“Roller-blades! They will allow me to travel much faster, than I can walk.”


“What about me?”


“Hmm! Well how about you ride on Kuching,” chuckled Bellasini, tapping him on the back.


"Cats think all birds are called swallows,” gulped Zac, hovering around to check out Kuching’s teeth. “So I think I might just fly up front, with you.”

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