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While Bellasini was still deep in thought, Book connected to Gemma's computer in Reality.


"Sini! What have you done to yourself girl?" squealed Gemma, through the screen. "And where did you get those geeky clothes from?"


"If I told you now, you wouldn't believe me," laughed Bellasini, "I will tell you all about it at my party tonight…. So what are you doing now?"


"Dah! What everyone is doing… Trying to put together a copy of my computer assignment, for tomorrow’s lesson.”


"Gemma, I need you to do me a big favor. I need you to cover for me," pleaded Bellasini. "Could you please call my mum, and tell her that I am at your place, working on my assignment with you?"


Zac, who had been patiently watching from behind Book, decided to move around next to Bellasini, to see who she was talking to.


"Oh my gosh Sini! There's a purple bird wearing a yellow jacket, with a propeller on its head, hovering behind you," cried out Gemma.


"Wow! How cool is that?" squawked Zac, looking into the screen.


"The bird talks!" screamed Gemma, falling back on to her bed.


"Gemma, listen I can explain."


"What's there to explain!" shrieked Gemma, sitting back up. "My best friend calls me dressed in a geeky costume with a talking bird that needs a propeller on its head to fly and asks me to cover for her," she responded in one breath. "It happens all the time.”


"Gemma I wouldn't ask unless it was really, really important."


"Ok! Ok! I will call your mum," sighed Gemma. "But boy have you got some explaining to do, when I see you tonight."


"Thanks Gemma, I owe you big time," replied Bellasini, as Book disappeared in a puff of smoke.


"Thanks Book, you’re a life saver," shouted Bellasini skyward, as she and Zac, resumed their journey towards the Palace.

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