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They chatted about everything, as they walked along the trail that led to the palace.


Zac told stories of the glory days of Virtasia, when the King and Queen ruled the kingdom.


He also told Bellasini, tales of all the amazing characters, which lived there.


He was surprised to hear, so many books had been written about most of the characters which lived in Virtasia.


Naturally, he wanted to know if he was the subject, of any great books.


He of course was disappointed, to find out that the seven dwarfs were very famous in Reality, yet Bellasini could not think of a single book, in which a bird named Zac appeared.


She was at a loss, to explain to Zac how authors in Reality, knew the names of so many of the characters, that lived in Virtasia.


“Oh no!” shrieked Bellasini suddenly. “I forgot to call Gemma. If I don’t call her soon, she will think something has happened to me… Then she will ring my mum… What shall I do?”


A small puff of smoke, signaled Book’s arrival on the scene.


"Book! What are you doing here? I am not sure if I have forgiven you yet."

Book was visibly shaking, as he sheepishly began to turn his pages.


He quickly turned sideways, so that the pages of his book were now facing vertically. Watching with his bobble, he let the pages at the top melt away to reveal a computer screen. Next he dissolved the bottom pages, to reveal a keyboard. He had transformed himself, into a portable computer.


Sheepishly, his bobble emerged from behind the computer, looking toward Bellasini for approval.


"Wow! You’re certainly full of surprises, Book. But how can I connect to Gemma in the real world?”


A lecturer’s hat, suddenly materialized atop his bobble, and a pointer attached itself to his golden cord.


Now looking every bit like a university professor, conducting a class, Book explained, computer technologies had allowed portals, or windows, between the real and virtual worlds to be opened. Every time someone switched on their computer, they accessed the virtual world of Virtasia. These windows allowed people using computers in the real world, to catch a glimpse of the virtual world. More importantly, they allowed people in Virtasia, to look back out through the screens, into Reality.


"So Zac is right. Characters from books and computer games such as Snow White, and Cinderella, really do exist here in Virtasia?" Interrupted Bellasini.


Book’s bobble nodded furiously, as he typed out on the screen.


'In Reality, you are the player, and Virtasians the characters.


In Virtasia, Reality is the entertainment on the other side of the screen.


“Oh my gosh!” shrieked Bellasini. “Now I think I understand. When Glitch creates a virus here in Virtasia, he thinks he is just playing a game, with make believe characters in Reality. In much the same way my friends in Reality, would play a game containing Virtasians on their computers…. He does not understand that we are real.”

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