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Road to the Palace

A stream of colorful light, once again transported Bellasini back, to where she had first met Zac.


Except, he was nowhere to be seen.


She was just about to summon Book, when from behind the log he had slipped off earlier, Zac emerged.


"What? What happened?"


“Oh Zac! Am I ever glad to see you,” shrieked Bellasini, rushing to hug him. “You were somehow changed into a toy, when I took you back to Reality.”


“I knew that Book was up to no good! He’s as bad as Glitch.”


“Speaking of Glitch, I promised Gran I would bring her back to Virtasia, after I have restored the King to his throne. However, I can’t do it by myself. I really could use your help, to find the Palace.”


Zac of course could not say no. He would do anything to see the Queen home again.


“But, if we start now Princess, we will have to pass through the Enchanted Forest of Virtasia, at night.


“Wow! That sounds really exciting Zac.”


Bellasini went on to explain, she had a rain forest next door to her house in Reality, which she called the Enchanted Forest, because of all the little creatures that inhabited it.


“So why is yours called, the Enchanted Forest?”


Zac scratched his head, saying he wasn’t quite sure. There definitely wasn’t anything magical about it anymore.


A long, long time ago, apparently the forest was home to the fairies of Virtasia. It was their magic which made it the most beautiful forest, in all the land.


Legend has it, the forest was alive, and would protect the fairies, from any danger.


“So what happened? asked Bellasini.


“The fairies just disappeared one day. Taking with them whatever life and magic there ever was in the forest. Now it is a dead, dark, gloomy place of leafless trees and bushes. Overgrown with thorns and weeds. A swampy marsh land, that is home to every rascal in Virtasia.”


Zac strongly advised, they wait until morning, before passing through it.


Bellasini however, had no time to wait. She had to get back to Reality, for her birthday.


So, reluctantly Zac agreed to begin their journey.

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