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“I will go back! But not for Virtasia, or Reality. I will go back to restore the King to the throne, and somehow, even if it takes me a lifetime, I promise I will find a way to take you back home to Virtasia. To be with Grandpa,” ended Bellasini, throwing her arms around Gran.


“Thank you Princess,” replied Gran, kissing her on the forehead. “But for now, I think I should rest for a while. The events of today have been a little too much for me. Could you help me to my room before you go?”


“Will you be ok for my birthday tonight?”


“Of course Princess,” replied Gran, settling into her bed.


She gave Zac one last kiss, before handing him back to Bellasini.


“Look after him Princess. He can be a bit of a handful sometimes, but he has a good heart.”


“Don’t worry Gran. Zac and I will find a way to get you back to Virtasia, to be with grandpa,” replied Bellasini, kissing her on the forehead.


As Bellasini quietly crept out of Gran's bedroom, she wondered if she may have done the wrong thing by bringing Zac back without warning. Maybe all the memories, were just a little too much for Gran, at this stage of her life.


As she entered Gran’s lounge room, the old clock on the mantelpiece, chimed four times.


“Well Zac, we don’t have much time. Let’s take you home, and start our search for Glitch and grandpa,” sighed Bellasini, clashing the two bracelets together.


“I wish, oh how I wish, to be back in Virtasia!”

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