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Book must have realized from the tone of her voice, that Bellasini was more than a little angry with his practical joke. He arrived noticeably shaking, while hovering in front of her.


"Book! You told me Zac would be ok if he came to Reality with me," bellowed Bellasini, tapping her foot while pointing to the stuffed toy. "Well what do you have say to about this?”


Book quickly turned to a new page, where he used words to explain that any person, or creature, other than Bellasini which traveled from Virtasia to Reality, would automatically be transformed into an inanimate, or frozen object. In other words, they would take up the appearance of a toy, or doll in Reality.


He went on to make clear, that when the toy traveled back with her to Virtasia, it would revert back to its original form. In this case Zac.


At the completion of Book’s belated explanation, Bellasini pointed to the front door.


Floating with his bobble slumped toward the exit, stopping only briefly to glance back at Bellasini, he vanished in a puff of smoke.


Still holding the Zac doll, Gran and Bellasini began to discuss her brief adventure.


She told Gran of all the wonderful things she had seen, during her short visit to Virtasia.


She also gave an in depth description, of her own fantastic transformation, into a kind of Virtasian Warrior Princess.


"The magic of Virtasia, is trying to tell you something Princess," interrupted Gran. “You must return with Zac, and help the King, your grandfather, rid Virtasia of the evil Glitch, once and for all.”


“But how Gran! How can I do that?” asked Bellasini.


“If neither the King, nor I, are able to sit on the throne of Virtasia, for whatever reason, then you Princess Bellasini, on your fifteenth birthday, are the rightful heir to the throne of Virtasia. Glitch knows this, and is obviously trying to stop you from reclaiming it.” concluded Gran.


“But I wouldn’t know what to do if I went back by myself. Why don’t you come back with me Gran?" pleaded Bellasini. “You know everything about Virtasia, and could easily take back the throne from Glitch, while I searched for Grandpa.”


“I am too old to take on Glitch,” responded Gran, taking Bellasini’s hands into her own. “I have already had my wonderful adventures in Virtasia. It is your time now Princess. Besides, I don’t think I would be able to travel through the porthole your bracelets create. Look what happened to Zac.”


“Book!” shouted Bellasini, into the air above her.


A somewhat nervous Book reappeared, and once again began answering Bellasini’s stream of questions, as to whether Gran could safely travel back to Virtasia with her.


Book explained, that she could only take inanimate, or lifeless objects, back through the porthole.


“Don’t worry Princess. Zac knows everything there is to know about Virtasia. He will be your guide, and protector,” reassured Gran. “It would appear that Glitch has learned how to extend his evil deeds into Reality, by somehow attacking our world’s computer technologies. So now it is not just Virtasia that needs you Princess. It is also Reality.”

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