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Book beckoned Bellasini to read the words on his open pages, which explained she had wished to be in Virtasia, as she touched the two bracelets together.


If she wanted to return, she only had to wish it, while again touching the bracelets together again.


"Oh my gosh!" shrieked Bellasini. "I forgot I left Gran alone in her library. She’s not very well at the moment, so I should return to Reality as soon as I can. Why don’t you come back with me Zac? It would make Gran ever so happy to see you again."


"See the Queen again… Is it safe?" asked Zac, rubbing his little chin.


Bellasini posed the question to Book, who slowly lifted one corner of his cover, as if deep in thought.


The words, – 'Zac, do you wish to travel with Bellasini back to Reality?' Appeared on his pages.


“Of course I wish to go with the Princess to visit the Queen.”


On hearing Zac’s answer, Book’s bobble nodded vigorously in Bellasini’s direction.


“Well let’s give it a go,” shouted Bellasini. She immediately stood up, raised her hands in the air, and clashed the two bracelets together.


“I wish, oh how I wish, Zac and I were back in Reality.”


As the colorful beam of light, once again emerged from the bracelets, Zac started to have second thoughts about his decision.


“Hey! Maybe we should think about this a little longer.”


But before Bellasini could do anything to stop it, she found herself back in Gran’s library, in the clothes she had worn to school that day.


"Gran! Gran! you will never guess where I have been. And look who I have brought back with me," called out Bellasini, searching the room for Zac.


However, he was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, she caught sight of a stuffed toy, lying on the floor in front of her.


It was an exact replica of Zac.


Neither Gran, nor Bellasini, had ever owned a toy, that looked anything like it.


“Oh my gosh Zac!” cried out Bellasini. “What have I done? Bringing you back with me from Virtasia, has turned you into a stuffed toy.”


Gran, gently picked up the doll.


"Zac, my dear old friend, after all these years, I finally get to hold you again."


However, Bellasini was not so pleased.


"Booook! You get here now!" she bellowed, toward the heavens.

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