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"You must be Zac?" giggled Bellasini, lifting him up to take a closer look. “Gran has told me all about you.”


“Gran! Who is Gran?" responded the little bird. Once again using his propeller to hover in front of Bellasini." And more importantly, who are you?”


“Bellasini, but my friends just call me Sini… Hmm, I can’t be 100% sure, but I think my Gran came to Virtasia many years ago, and married the King. Or something like that.”


“Your Gran is the Queen? Where is she?” responded Zac, searching behind Bellasini for any sign of the Queen.


“She’s still at home in Reality.”


Bellasini explained all that had occurred at Gran’s house. She told Zac how she had found Book in Gran’s library, and it was he who had given her the bracelets, which somehow allowed her to travel between the two worlds.


She finished by telling Zac, that Gran thought a person named Glitch, living in Virtasia, may be trying to ruin her family and friends lives, by sending computer viruses to Reality.


Pacing up and down on a fallen log, Zac explained to Bellasini, how upset the King was when the Queen disappeared.


“He immediately stepped down from the throne, and appointed Ambassador Glitch to take over ruling the kingdom, while he traveled to the far corners of Virtasia…. In search of his lost Queen. He is a very wicked man Princess,” continued Zac, shaking his head.


“He has brought only darkness and despair to Virtasia, and it would appear he now wishes to impose this same doom and gloom, on Reality….. But how did you get here Princess?" 


Before the Queen disappeared, she talked of a strange machine, that had somehow allowed her to travel from her world, to Virtasia."


“I’m not quite sure,” replied Bellasini, scratching her head. “The machine no longer exists. All I did was tap these two bracelets together, and wish to be in Virtasia.”


No sooner had she finished speaking, than Book re-appeared in a puff of smoke. Causing Zac to lose his footing, and tumble backward off the log.


Book’s bobble stood up out of his pages, and leaned over the log, to view Zac lying head first on the ground.


The bobble and tassels then began to wobble and shake in a very strange way, as Zac tried desperately to climb back up onto the log.


"Book! That was not very nice,” scolded Bellasini. "If I didn't know better, I would guess you were laughing at poor Zac's fall."


Book immediately ceased his giggling actions, and turned to faced Bellasini as if nothing had happened.


“So what have you come to tell me?”

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