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A colorful stream of light emerged from the bracelets, and began to snake its way through the room.


Over bookcases, between statues and under chairs. It wanted to inspect everything in the room, before returning to completely envelop Bellasini.


Spinning like a tornado, the colorful stream of light, gently lifted her from the floor, before exploding in a blinding flash of color.


Bellasini, somewhat dazed by the unexpected burst of light, blinked in disbelief.


Gran's dimly lit library, where she had been standing seconds earlier, was gone.


Bellasini now found herself standing in the middle of a forest, unlike any she had seen before.


It was dreamlike.


The sounds, colors, plants, and birds, were all picture perfect.


Bellasini knelt down and touched the amazing blue water that flowed in a small stream right next to her, to verify that this was not part of some fantastic dream.


As she did, she caught a glimpse of her own reflection.


“Oh my gosh! What has happened to me?”


She was no longer dressed in the casual jeans and tee-shirt she had worn to school that day. Her shoulders and arms were now covered with golden armor, decorated with the same strange symbols and writings, which had covered the box containing her tiara.


Around her waist, was a finely woven gold belt, which was also covered by the same mysterious symbols.


She had no weapons, but it was clear that the rainbow of light, had somehow transformed her from the school girl she was in Reality, into a magnificent warrior Princess, of Virtasia.


"Wow! What a buzz! Where am I?" She thought out loud.


With a puff of white smoke, Book with his tassel standing upright, re-appeared open in front of her, revealing a single word: ‘Virtasia’.


"Oh my gosh!" shouted Bellasini. “This is really freaky.”


"What's all the fuss about?” squawked a squeaky voice from behind her.


Spinning around, she caught sight of the most amazing purple bird, wearing a bright yellow jacket, and back-to-front baseball cap.


The cap had a propeller on top, which the bird seemed to use to hover in front of her like a helicopter.


"Who are you? And why are you wearing the armor of the royal family of Virtasia?" shrieked the little bird.


"You talk?" replied Bellasini.


"Well the cat didn’t get my tongue, if that is what you mean," cheekily replied the bird, who had now perched himself comfortably atop Book; still floating in front of the Princess.


“Although he did have a good try once,” the bird continued, rubbing his little wing across his beak.


Book's tassel irately moved to one side, and stared intently at this strange little bird, which had been rude enough, to sit on him.


“Is that your neck?” curiously asked the bird, scanning up and down the length of cord that attached the little imp, to the book.

“It makes ET’s neck look stumpy… Here’s one for you. Why do giraffes have such long necks?” The bird waited a second before continuing. “You give in? Because their heads are so far away!”


Even Bellasini could not help but laugh at such a silly joke.


However, Book did not find this attempt at humor the least bit funny, and continued to glare straight at, this impish little bird.


Then, without warning, Book disappeared in a puff of smoke, causing the bird to tumble swiftly toward the ground.


He was only just saved from a nasty landing, by Bellasini’s quick reactions.

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