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Bellasini carefully picked up each bracelet.


The one engraved ‘Virtasia’, she put on her left wrist. The other, engraved ‘Reality’, on her right.


"Wow they are so beautiful! But Mr. Book, I have only just met you. I cannot accept these expensive bracelets from you, on my birthday. What would I do with them?"


As soon as Bellasini had finished asking the question, the book began a strange transformation.


First, the pages returned. Then the bookmark, a long brown cord with a thick shaggy tassel at its end, suddenly stood straight up out of the opened pages.

Bellasini and Gran stood speechless, as a small pair of spectacles suddenly took shape on the bobble, atop the now upside down tassel. After cleaning the little glasses with a couple of strands of his tassel, the rather odd looking, but remarkably adorable shaggy little imp, began to undertake what appeared to be a set of morning stretches. He was acting as if he had been awoken, from a very long, deep sleep.


It soon became obvious, this shaggy little imp, was actually the small character of the book.


After the impish character had finished his morning stretches, still attached to the pages of the book by his cord, he moved forward to take a closer look, at Bellasini and Gran.


As the small figure caught sight of Bellasini, it bowed for a second, as if to acknowledge she was royalty.


Then the pages began to turn once more.


The bespectacled shaggy imp, glanced down at each and every page, as they quickly turned before him.


Suddenly the pages stopped, and the small figure looked straight up at Bellasini; as if to beckon her to read what was written on the page.


Bellasini cautiously took a step closer, and read aloud what was written on the page.


“When the two worlds collide, the Princess’s wish will decide.”


Bellasini repeated the words over and over again, trying to work out their hidden meaning.


"When the two worlds collide, the Princess’s wish will decide. Hmm, what do you think that means Gran?" asked a very puzzled Bellasini.


"I'm not quite sure Princess, but you do have the name of each world engraved inside your bracelets."


"I’ve got it! When the two worlds collide, must mean when the two bracelets are touched together," shrieked an excited Bellasini. "And I think the words, the Princess’s wish will decide, means that I should wish which world I want to be in… What do you think Gran?"


"I’m not quite sure Princess. But I guess it is worth a try," hesitantly responded Gran.


“Am I right Book?”


The shaggy little imp of Book, madly shook up and down, as if he was trying to nod his head.


"This is totally crazy, but after the day I have had so far, what have I got to lose.” sighed Bellasini.


So closing her eyes and clashing the two bracelets together, she cautiously uttered the words, “I wish, oh how I wish I was in Virtasia!”

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