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“I got to work very early the next day, but it was too late. Einstein had already dismantled the gateway, and destroyed its plans. No one at the lab, not even Einstein believed my story. They all thought it was a crazy dream. So they refused to rebuild it for me."


"After a few weeks, I realized that I would never see my husband or Virtasia again. Although, sometimes I can still catch a glimpse of them, in my deepest dreams."


"So what has this book got to do with all this?" asked Bellasini, glancing down at its cover. “Book!” she laughed. "The name of this beautiful golden book, is 'Book’!”


"It's much more than a book," replied Gran, rubbing her frail hand across the brilliant gold cover. “Legend has it, that this book is a soothsayer, containing the knowledge and wisdom of all things, from all worlds. From the very beginning, to the very end of time.”


While Gran continued talking, Bellasini tried to open the book. However, no matter how hard she tried, it would not open.


“Gran, how am I ever going to read this book, if I can’t get the darn thing open?”


Gran moved closer and explained, Book is not here to be read like a normal book. Its role is to provide the answer, to any question, its owner sought to ask.


"So who is its owner?" asked Bellasini, holding the book up with both hands.


They both stood in silent disbelief, as the book drifted out of her hands, and began to float unaided in front of them.


Slowly the cover opened to reveal written inside: ‘This Book Belongs to the Princess, born of both Worlds’.


"That's you Princess!" excitedly exclaimed Gran, glancing down at the book.


"But I'm not a Princess born of both worlds Gran. I'm just a Princess in your eyes," responded Bellasini, hesitantly.


"And you will always be a Princess in my eyes. However, you are the granddaughter of the King of Virtasia and myself, who was born in Reality. That surely makes you a Princess born of both worlds."


"Maybe you are right Gran, but what difference does it make. How will I ever get to see Virtasia?" sighed Bellasini. “The gateway has been destroyed.”


With that question, the pages of the thick book began to turn once more.


Over and over they flicked, before finally stopping at the center two pages.


There on the center two pages, were detailed pictures of two jewel encrusted golden bracelets.


The bracelet on the left page, had the word, ‘Virtasia,’ elaborately engraved inside. While the identical bracelet on the right hand page, simply had the word ‘Reality’.


As Bellasini and Gran stood admiring the pictures, the pages started to dissolve away, revealing two exact copies of the bracelets where the pictures had been. However these were not replicas, they were real.


"Oh my gosh Gran, how could that happen?" shrieked Bellasini. "Am I dreaming, or what?"


"No Princess, you’re not dreaming. I think Book wants you to have them."

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