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The look on Gran’s face, quickly turned to one of despair.


"Grandpa had a powerful Ambassador named Glitch, who was his adviser on all matters before he met me. He became very jealous when the King began to discuss affairs of the kingdom with me, rather than him. He was a very crafty man, who was smart enough to realize, the only thing I really missed in Reality, was my mother. So one day, Glitch tricked me into believing that he had received an urgent message, passed through the gateway from Professor Einstein, saying that my mother was dying of grief, and asking for my return.”


Tears began to form in Gran’s beautiful green eyes, as she continued.


“I hadn't seen my mother for 10 years, and I missed her so much. She was not well when I left Reality, so even though in my head I knew Glitch was probably up to no good, my heart left me no other choice, than to return to Reality…


I knew if I told the King, he would worry about my safety, and talk me out of returning.


So I mapped out a plan, to slip back through the gateway during the night, without anyone knowing.


I thought once I got home, I could convince my mother to return through the portal with me, to Virtasia.


So, that evening I got changed back into my old work clothes, and slipped out of the Palace.


The only one who knew I was leaving, was my good friend Zac," continued Gran. Looking over at an old pencil drawing, of a small bird hanging above the fireplace.


"Who's Zac?" asked Bellasini.


"He's the most mischievous little bird you will ever meet in your entire life," replied Gran, with a smile. "But he was also my most loyal, and trusted friend."


"So what happened next?"


"I went back to the exact spot in Virtasia, where the machine had delivered me ten years earlier, and stepped through the shimmering portal. Virtasia instantly disappeared like a dream that never was, and I was returned to the cold grey surrounds of the empty laboratory in Reality. However, there was not a single worker anywhere to be seen. I didn’t realize it then, but time had stood still in Reality while I was gone. I knew something was wrong, but I was so concerned about getting home to see my mother, that I did not even give it a second thought."


"I rushed home as fast as my feet could carry me."


"As I opened the front door and saw my mother, I couldn’t hold back my tears. She of course wondered what all the fuss was about. It was only then, I learnt that it was still the very same day, as when I had left for work, ten years earlier.”


"So why didn't you just go back?" asked Bellasini.

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