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“Many years ago, when I was not much older than you are now, I worked as a lab assistant, for a brilliant scientist named Einstein." 


"During that time, I was constantly amazed by his ideas, and experiments, to improve life on earth." 


"His last and most secret experiment, was a machine that he thought would demonstrate, there were no bounds to time, space, or other worlds." 


"Everything was going fantastically well with the experiment, until they used one of his earlier discoveries, E=MC2, to construct a nuclear bomb, which had the potential to destroy life on earth." 


"Over the next few years, he watched in horror, as the world made bigger and bigger bombs. He lost faith in the world during those years. So, fearing that the same powerful men, might use his new invention, to enter and destroy other worlds, he decided to stop all work on the project." 


"One morning, he came into the laboratory, and told us to dismantle the time-space machine he had built, after we had finished lunch that day." 


"I was very young, and thought it would be silly to end the project, before we had at least tried it." 


"My love of adventure was like yours is now Princess. So, fearing I would never get another chance, I hid until all the staff had left for lunch, and started the machine."


"As it slowly came to life, it filled the laboratory with all the colors of a rainbow. At first, I was frighten. But the warm lights of the machine appeared to be beckoning me, to step through the gateway it had created."


"So I did!"


"As I stepped through, all the physical objects within the laboratory, seemed to melt away. For a second, there was nothing. Everything, and I mean everything, had disappeared. Then in a brilliant burst of color and light, new objects began to take shape around me. Objects of such color and beauty, the likes of which I had only ever seen before, in my most vivid dreams.”


“So you were transported to a dream world Gran?” interrupted Bellasini.


"No Princess… It was very real. The kingdom of Virtasia."


"I enjoyed thousands of wonderful adventures there, for what seemed to be about ten years. However, when I returned to Reality, for some strange reason, only a few seconds had passed."


"Wow! That’s fantastic Gran. Tell me everything that happened there? Please! Please!" pleaded Bellasini.


"It would take me a lifetime, to tell you it all Princess. Besides, I have already told you much of what happened there, in my stories each day."


"However, what I have never told you, is that I eventually met, and married, a handsome young Prince, who was later crowned the King of Virtasia,"


"So Grandpa was a King? And you Gran! You were a Queen?"


"And you my beautiful granddaughter, are a Princess. Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Bellasini, of Virtasia.”


"So why did you come back Gran? Why didn't you stay with Grandpa?" asked Bellasini.

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