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"But Gran, this is more than enough,” Bellasini replied, admiring her new tiara in the mirror.


"Just humor an old lady, and look around the room. Something here can only be found by you."


"Ok then! Hmm…. Let me see now."


Bellasini decided that Gran must have hidden something for a bit of a game, on her birthday. She was always full of surprises.


As she looked around the room, she saw the same old lamps, statues, pictures, chairs, curtains, cushions and books. Bellasini had inspected everything in Gran’s library, hundreds of times before.


What could it be?


Maybe it’s a new book, she thought to herself.


"You've got me a new book, haven't you Gran?"


"If you say so Princess," replied Gran, intently watching Bellasini’s every move.


"Hmm! let me see now," sighed Bellasini, bringing her forefinger and thumb to her chin. "Which one could it be?"


There were thousands of books, on hundreds of shelves, all-round the room. How could she ever find a single book, hidden among so many?


Then all of a sudden, she caught sight of a book that seemed to reflect the light of her new tiara. She turned her head away, and the glow disappeared. Every time she looked in the direction of this one particular book, it lit up as if it were covered in gold.


“Ah ha!” she thought. “Gran has wrapped my present in gold paper, so I would find it.


“I’ve found it Gran!" shouted Bellasini, moving toward the book.


"Oh my gosh Princess! You have!" shrieked Gran, raising herself from the chair, only to fall straight back in.


"Then it must be true."


"What's true Gran?" asked Bellasini, removing the book from the shelf.


"No one has ever laid eyes on ‘The Book’ before,” whispered Gran. “Up until this very moment, it was thought to be a myth. I have read much about it both here and in Virtasia, but I never thought I would ever get to see it…. Look Princess, there is no gap where you just removed it from. It didn't take up any space on the shelf. It is as if it was never there."


Bellasini looked toward the shelf where she had just removed the book. Sure enough, there was no gap.


"How can that be possible Gran?"


"I think you’d better sit down Princess, it is time to tell you the story of my life.” Gran paused before continuing. “Or should I say, I think it is time to begin the tale of yours.”

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