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Bellasini's eyes scanned the room.


"Gran, after 50 years of searching, you surely would have found anything that was hidden here?”


"It's here Princess," replied Gran, joining Bellasini in scanning the room.


"But as I said, only the person that it belongs to, will ever be able to find it."


Gran once again turned her attention to the small box she was holding.


"Your grandfather gave me this many years ago, and asked me to give it to the first female child born in our family, on her fifteenth birthday. Since that day, I have never let it out of my sight, or opened it..."


"Happy birthday Princess!"


"Wow Gran! This is the most exciting present I have ever received in my whole life. Do you think I should open it now?”


"Your grandfather told me, you would know what to do with it, when the time came," replied Gran, rubbing her frail hand across the top of the box. "So it's up to you Princess.”


“Gran, I would like to make a wish, before I open it. Will you help me?”


Bellasini closed her eyes, and placed her hands inside Gran’s, before slowly guiding them to the top of the wooden box.


"I wish, oh how I wish, that one day I will meet my grandfather, so I can thank him for my very mysterious present.”


With that, Bellasini opened the box, which had the most beautiful necklace, she had ever seen inside.


A single tear-drop crystal, attached to a fine golden chain. The outstanding feature of this crystal, was not its size, or its clarity, but the fact that it sparkled so brightly in Gran’s dimly lit house. As if it was a tiny star.


Bellasini reached in, and carefully picked up the necklace.


“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful Gran?"


"Never Princess,” replied Gran, reaching over to help Bellasini try it on.


"I don’t think it is a necklace Gran,” said Bellasini, handing the piece to her. “I think it is to be worn like a tiara, around my head."


The glowing crystal resting on Bellasini's forehead, bathed her face with its warm light, giving her the appearance of a true princess.


Gran fell back into her chair, stunned by the radiant beauty, that now stood before her.


"I feel like a Princess!" excitedly shouted Bellasini.


"You are a Princess," replied Gran.


"Oh Gran, I love you so much! And thank you Grandpa, wherever you are," called out Bellasini, blowing a kiss toward the heavens.


"Now it is time for you to find your second gift," continued Gran from her rocking chair.

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