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Gran's Gifts

From the moment Gran opened her front door, Bellasini started a very animated explanation, of the events of her day.


“The kitchen appliances, my computer at the library, the computers in my class, and dad’s computers at the bank. It was awful Gran! Who could do such things on my birthday?”


‘Glitch!’ responded Gran.


"I think it's a little more than a glitch, Gran."


"No Princess," laughed Gran. "I don't mean you have a little glitch in your computer. I mean, ‘Glitch' is back.”


"Glitch!" quickly responded Bellasini. “Glitch is a real person?”


"Princess, sit down and I will explain everything, but first things first. Happy birthday, and may all your dreams and wishes come true, from this moment on."


Gran reached into her apron pocket, and removed an old brass key, which looked as if it belonged in one of her fantastic tales.


She used it to open the bottom draw, of a very old chest in the corner of the room. Inside was a small wooden box, covered with unusual carvings.


"Today is a very special day Princess,” said Gran lifting the box from the draw. “You are the first girl in my family to come of age. So, I have two gifts for you today. The first present is easy, as I will give it to you. However, the second you must find, and take yourself. I cannot help you."


"Gran, I could never take anything from your house, without you first giving it to me," responded Bellasini.


"But what you will take, would never have been mine to give," replied Gran. "If you can find it, it was always yours."


Bellasini was totally confused, but thought Gran must have been playing some fantastic new game, to try and take her mind off the terrible events of her day.

"What do you mean, if I can find it? Don't you know where it is Gran?"


Gran just laughed.


"I have searched every day for the last 50 years, but I have never been able to find it. But I know it is here."


“What’s here?” asked Bellasini.


“I am not quite sure Princess. What I do know, is that if it is here, you will find it on your fifteenth birthday.”

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