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The Birthday Glitch

Bellasini's first class was computer science, her favorite subject.


She loved learning new things on her computer.


Her teacher, Mr. McRam, had attended Montville High School, the same years as her father, and they had remained good friends ever since.


Ms. Crabtree’s unexpected lecture in the library, had delayed her arrival to the first class. However, she knew Mr. McRam would understand.


"I'm sorry Mr. McRam", pleaded Bellasini, rushing to her usual seat at the front of the class. "I was delayed at the library".


"You were delayed at the library?" inquired Mr. McRam, with a smile across his face. "You didn't attempt to use your computer there? Did you Bellasini?"


"I am afraid so sir," replied Bellasini timidly.


"Well in that case I'm happy you made it at all," laughed Mr. McRam. "Class on this day 15 years ago, a very important event occurred in our town. Can anybody tell me what it was?”


The whole class replied. "Happy Birthday Sini!"


“Oh my gosh! This is so embarrassing,” giggled Bellasini, glancing coyly around the room. “Thanks everyone!”


As she sat down, the boy sitting alongside her, leaned across and whispered. "Hey Sini, did the Crab bite?”


It was David, a handsome young man, who among other things, was the high school president of the local environmental and climate change action group, of which Bellasini was a very active member. 


They had been good friends for many years. However, when it came to the subject of computers, there was a fierce, but friendly rivalry between them.


"No! But I don't think I should go back there for a while," replied Bellasini.


“So, are you and Gemma going to the arcade after school today, to watch me beat your high score on ‘Dragon Prince’?” confidently inquired David.


“In your dreams,” laughed Bellasini. “But today I can’t. My mum’s organizing a special dinner for my birthday…. Sorry!”


David hated the fact that Bellasini, a girl, may have been better than him when it came to computer games. Her unbeaten high score on Dragon Prince, which was the latest and greatest game at the arcade, was a painful reminder of Bellasini’s amazing computer skills. He spent many hours at the arcade trying to beat her score. All to no avail.


Bellasini thought it was just a crazy boy thing, but still, she did enjoy the attention.

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