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This give away is only open to Vietnamese citizens living in Vietnam

Google CardBoard Mockup

Each week will give away 5 Google Cardboard VR Headsets to members of its Youtube Channel & Facebook Group

As more people join our Facebook & Youtube channel we will start giving away more.

To enter the give away you simply need to find the hidden number in each of the two videos below which will appear in the subtitles of the video somewhere at the bottom of the screen.

We will randomly select 5 people from those that have sent us the right answer to receive a VR Headset.

You may have to watch the entire video to find the number in each video.

Turn on Subtitles Picture_edited.jpg

***** You need to make sure you have your subtitles switch on.
You need to click on CC until you see a little red line beneath it


When you find the Hidden Number in video  one, write it down.

Now find the Hidden Number in video two and then add the two numbers together

Next submit your answer with your name address by filling in the form below and you are in the running to win a free VR headset.


So now watch video two and find the Hidden Number in the subtitles of this video.

Then when you have found it, all you have to do is add the two numbers together and submit your answer along with your name and address below.

Google CardBoard Mockup

Remember you must be a subscriber of the VIRTASIA.TV, Youtube Channel and the 360 VR VIETNAM Facebook Group, to win a free VR Headset, so if you have not subscribed please do it now before you submit your answer

Youtube Subscribe button.png
Facebook Subscribe button.png
To be in the draw for this week's give away VR Headsets you need to have your entry in by 5pm Sunday 04/07/2021

This weeks winners will be announced Monday 05/07/2021
and their names and cities will be listed on the bottom of this page and on the 360 VR VIETNAM Facebook Group & their headsets will be mailed out to them.
ĐĂNG KÝ QUÀ TẶNG KÍNH VR cho ngày cuối của tuần 28/6/2021

Cám ơn, chúng tôi đã nhận được câu trả lời của bạn

Những bạn đã dành được quà từ ngày 25/6/2021

1.    Hà Thị Vinh Tâm ở tỉnh Nghệ An
2.    Lam Bui ở Hồ Chí Minh
3.    Duyên Nguyễn ở Quảng Trị
4.    Ngân Hoàng ở tỉnh Bắc Giang
5.    Hương Lê ở Bắc Ninh


Cover of Book png_edited.png



The world's first free e-book which has movies instead of pictures at the start of each chapter

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