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Studio Virtasia has to date spent more than $100,000 establishing the Million Trees & Messages Community Climate Change Project, which aims to substantially lessen the effects of climate change, and provide a safer future for all the world's cities, businesses and communities. Utilizing lovable 3D animated characters in 12 five minute videos, the Million Trees & Messages Project aims to encourage more than 10 million young people across the globe to get actively involved in the fight against climate change by way of planting at least one tree each year, and encouraging their family and friends to do the same.

Climate Change is now a critically important subject for all governments, businesses, and communities, as most are already being catastrophically impacted by climate change induced fires, droughts, floods and storms. Furthermore all the communities of the world now realize, things are surely going to get much worse, if they fail to take positive action today.

Studio Virtasia is asking business leaders to show their support for the Million Trees & Messages Project and the young people of the world who will very soon inherit the planet from us, by becoming a Corporate Supporter of the project.

Each Corporate Supporter contributes just US$175 for their Million Trees & Messages Corporate Membership for the entire 2022 year.

*** This is not a reoccurring Subscription it is just for the 2022 year

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